Solat – Manufacturer of PVC solutions

Since 1962 our company has more than 50 years of experience in the processing of plastic materials.

So.L.A.T. started its experience in 1962 as a producer of pvc shutters: from that date the company has consolidated its experience in the extrusion of plastic materials.

We study and create products that are always new and current, simple and elegant, technologically advanced.

We take care of the quality and safety of our products by subjecting them to accurate tests and laboratory analyses. Each item, before delivery, obtains a “Class 1 certification” for fire reaction.

So.L.A.T. srl makes use of an extensive sales network, an excellent technical organization and specialized installers throughout the country and abroad, which allow it to guarantee maximum perfection for each work performed.

An Environmentally Friendly Company

So.L.A.T. for some years now it has been equipped with a large photovoltaic system, installed on the roof of the structure.

The photovoltaic roof is capable of producing around 160,000 kW/year, therefore 1/3 of the annual electricity requirement consumed by So.L.A.T., significantly supporting the company’s productivity.

For the construction of the photovoltaic system it was necessary to dismantle the old asbestos roof and replace it with photovoltaic panels.

Since 1962 our company boasts over 50 years of experience
in the processing of plastic materials