Dividing walls

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The So.L.A.T. pvc partition walls they are modular systems ideal for dividing rooms.
Very versatile, they allow you to create different types with a wide range of finishes and colors; moreover they offer the possibility, unlike traditional walls, of which they have the same resistance and the same insulating power, to be able to intervene easily to change the space at any time.
Being made entirely with PVC, they do not require maintenance or painting, they are easy to clean even when hot, they are resistant to mold or parasites and they do not release dust, all characteristics that allow their use in food, medical, etc. environments.
The So.L.A.T. they are made up of infill panels and load-bearing profiles.
The panels are 125×40 mm thick slats made by extrusion that fit together with a male/female joint; the load-bearing profiles, also made by extrusion, are composed of a permitral U-shaped guide suitable for receiving the panels, a 90° corner profile and an H-shaped upright reinforcement profile; the angular profile and the upright receive an internal 40×40 tubular iron which gives it greater strength.

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