LAZIO model

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PVC roller shutters: LAZIO model
Rolling shutter weighing 4.000/4.200 sq m, made up of 14×47.7mm slats with a rounded shape to ensure minimum space inside the box.

The LAZIO model PVC roller shutters have profiles made by extrusion, four support bridges which in turn form four internal chambers, one of which is suitable for receiving an H-shaped galvanized iron profile as reinforcement for widths over 130 cm.

The PVC roller shutters by So.l.a.t. they are elegant and of the highest quality, with a very wide range of colours.
The decision to make doors, shutters, roller shutters and other interior solutions in PVC derives from the perfect knowledge of this material, which is particularly suitable for coverings, partitions and roller shutters.
The Lazio model is one of the most innovative thanks to the rounded shape profile.

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