Folding door profiles (unassembled)

The ARGENTA folding door is available in unassembled elements.
This type of supply called “Confection” is aimed at professionals in the sector (upholsterers, curtain manufacturers, insect screen manufacturers, etc.) who wish to assemble the door “on request”, customizing it in terms of measurements and accessories. Each «Pack» can contain, according to request, everything necessary for the creation of 2-3-5 doors with variable heights from 205 up to 305.

The wide range of accessories, with which it is possible to make each single door exclusive, includes:

  • PVC and aluminum handles to be combined with snap or magnetic closures;
  • handles with key lock both in PVC and in aluminium
  • slides (pvc) printed in the niagara, ground, chinchilla, ashlar types.
  • interlocking glass bead frames available in various colours.

List of available folding door profiles

Dimensions and Measurements Table

Kits for sale

The ARGENTA door is also available in «Kit» for sale to

The “Kit” proposed in the standard size 87.0 x 215H cm includes, in addition to the necessary profiles and accessories, the installation material (plugs, screws, assembly and mounting sheet).

If the height is less than 215 cm, the door can be reduced by cutting the profiles to the desired size.

In the event that the width is greater than 87.0 cm, there are optional additional elements (“additional panel and hinge kit” and “300 cm sliding rail”) which allow the width to be extended up to the required size.

Assembly Diagram

Colors and heights available in stock