Internal PVC Solutions

The interior solutions in PVC by So.L.A.T. they are the natural result of the experience acquired in 40 years of working with plastic materials.

So.L.A.T. is in fact specialized in the production of false ceilings in pvc, particularly suitable for gyms and swimming pools, because they are particularly suitable for masking overhead systems.

For this type of structure, we also produce specific PVC partition walls.

Discover panelled doors models:

Over time, PVC has proved to be a particularly suitable product for the creation of partition walls, false ceilings, coverings and skirting boards: a line of technical products united by a series of multiple advantages of use, among which we highlight: ease and speed of assembly, Immediate cleaning and total absence of maintenance.

The wide range of partition walls allows you to divide, both temporarily and permanently, any type of environment: from medical to school, from office to industrial.

The slatted false ceilings are characterized by a decidedly linear and clean design.

DECOR 200 coverings are the new decorative elements for walls and ceilings.

They complete the range of interior solutions by So.L.A.T. the colorful skirting boards with a simple and essential design.