PVC folding doors

The production of pvc folding doors by the company So.L.A.T. started at the beginning of the 70’s aimed at creating reasonably priced doors, making the most of space and lasting in time.

PVC folding doors are in fact essential to meet space requirements, ideal for small rooms such as kitchens, garages and closets. You can choose from several models and finishes of pvc folding doors, ideal for both modern and traditional environments. An ideal solution for doubling the space in the room in which they are positioned: PVC folding doors and above all PVC folding doors have the great potential to double and fold back on themselves, making it possible to reduce the usual size of the door opening.

So.L.A.T.’s PVC folding doors are safe and reliable, made to last over time and at a low cost.

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Production of PVC Folding Doors: Molding Machine

During these years we have always tried to improve the product obtaining excellent results both from a technical and an esthetical point of view by inserting new colours and new finishing touches aimed at satisfying the continuous needs that the market demanded.

In order to accomplish this, non-toxic pvc is used and the products have undergone accurate laboratory trials obtaining the “Classe 1” certification in relation to their reaction to fire which permits them to be used both in private homes and public places.

So.L.A.T. has, moreover, recreated the door transforming it into a screen
thanks to the appliance of an iron post and to the sliding on nylon wheels, the door becomes a screen called CRISS, ideal to separate, hide or close areas in a linear or circular way without fixed directions.

Today, we can say that our products nicely blend in any kind of interior fully respecting its furnishings and design.