PVC windows and shutters

The shutter is an external closure that helps to determine the style of the facade of a building, helping to increase its architectural value.

It has always been made of wood, aluminum and iron, materials with great qualities but also with great defects.

Wood guarantees excellent thermal insulation but requires continuous and costly maintenance; aluminum and iron have excellent resistance but have a high thermal transmittance.

For this So.L.A.T. has studied a shutter made entirely with PVC profiles.
Thanks to the experience of over 45 years of extrusion of plastic materials, Solat has managed to develop a series of profiles that allow you to create shutters:


  • robust, thanks to the insertion of tubular steel;
  • resistant to atmospheric agents, saline and smog;
  • without any need for maintenance over the years;
  • with high insulating power thanks to the low thermal conductivity of the PVC which allows for a cool darkening in the summer period and a valid thermal insulation in the winter period;
  • wide choice of shapes and colors that allows you to meet any architectural requirement.

Production of PVC windows and PVC shutters

Windows and shutters are one of the fundamental elements for any room to guarantee safety and protection.

PVC, a stable, resistant, versatile, long-lasting, impenetrable, recyclable element, brings numerous advantages to all those products that are made with this highly technological material, guaranteeing excellent quality.

The products of So.L.A.T. they are mostly made of pvc, such as shutters, windows, shower cubicles, roller shutters, etc…, guaranteeing quality, careful choice of materials and entirely Made in Italy production.

PVC shutters and windows have the task of protecting and preserving the internal comfort of the premises and their design, and despite the common beliefs of an economic and not exactly design material, for some time it has been re-evaluated and widely used by builders, designers and architects, who choose it as a material for numerous solutions both in homes and in rooms and environments intended for other purposes.

The regained value of PVC is due precisely to the many positive qualities and characteristics it presents, ideal for reasons of energy saving, environmental protection and also for economic reasons.

The pvc windows and pvc shutters are subjected to continuous checks by So.L.A.T. on their quality and performance.