Roller shutters in PVC, aluminium, steel and wood

The roller shutters in PVC and aluminum, roller shutters in steel and wood So.L.A.T. they are designed and manufactured with the use of high quality raw materials, which give life to products of great value.

So.L.A.T., through constant and continuous research, offers innovative solutions that can be adapted to any architectural style, both classic and modern.

Our production of pvc roller shutters is aimed at multiple targets: retailers, window and door manufacturers, construction companies: in addition to the roller shutters, we can offer any kind of accessory, including self-made wooden boxes.

Furthermore, in recent years, we have expanded our range of PVC shutters and PVC roller shutters, using not only PVC, but also aluminum shutters, steel and wooden roller shutters, each with different characteristics in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Discover our lines:

The company, in addition to taking care of the safety and design of the products, has also taken care of what is required by current regulations, obtaining the CE mark for the shutters and the certification for the thermo-acoustic insulation of its boxes.

So.L.A.T. is a company that has conquered the leadership in the rolling shutter sector: few other companies, in fact, can boast over 40 years of experience in the production of PVC rolling shutters.

Production of Rolling Shutters So.L.A.T.

Roller shutters have always been considered the ideal solution for homes and clubs, guaranteeing darkening and thermal comfort, avoiding heat loss in all seasons.

The production of rolling shutters is done directly by So.L.A.T. for more than 50 years now.

The shutters are considered and recommended for their ability to guarantee greater protection and resistance to break-in attempts to the premises.

Characteristics of So.L.A.T. roller shutters:

  • PVC shutters and PVC roller shutters: practical, resistant and able to guarantee silence;
  • Steel shutters and steel roller shutters: safe and long-lasting;
  • Wooden shutters and wooden roller shutters: elegant and ecological;
  • Aluminum shutters and aluminum roller shutters: light, resistant and design;
  • Aluminum shutters and roller shutters in extruded aluminium: guarantee maximum safety and silence.