Aluminum shutters and roller shutters

The So.L.A.T. aluminum roller shutters they are mainly distinguished by their high technological content, by the elegant design, by the extreme ease of installation.

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Production of Aluminum Roller Shutters

The aluminum roller shutters produced by So.L.A.T. they have the insertion of polyurethane foam inside and the shutters are supplied with an extruded aluminum end frill, elements that contribute to their high stability and long life.

The rolling shutters produced entirely by So.L.A.T. they are light, colorful, resistant and safe, they do not fade or deform in the sun. Their particular structure guarantees a total absence of maintenance and ease of manoeuvre.

The range of colors is very wide: it is possible to order aluminum roller shutters in solid colors ranging from green, red, blue, yellow, but also with wood effect. So.L.A.T also stands out for the production of 100% Made in Italy aluminum shutters and blinds and distributes them all over the world.

Aluminum roller shutters are ideal for hotels, homes, schools: they are the ideal and recommended solution in all types of environments. So.L.A.T. In addition to aluminum rolling shutters, it also produces PVC shutters, wooden shutters and steel shutters.

Why choose Aluminum Roller Shutters?

So.L.A.T. Orami has been a leader in the production of aluminum, PVC, wood and steel rolling shutters for years.

Aluminum shutters are characterized by their stability, durability and an excellent quality/price ratio.

It also has the great advantage of being a product that does not require heavy maintenance even after its installation.

Another great advantage that aluminum roller shutters have is their particular thermal and acoustic insulation capacity.

These two characteristics make roller shutters an excellent element for healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, but they are also perfect for shopping centers and residential complexes.