Roller Shutters in Extruded Aluminum

The So.L.A.T. extruded aluminum roller shutters they are mainly distinguished by their high technological content, by the elegant design, by the extreme ease of installation.

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Production of Rolling Shutters in Extruded Aluminum

So.L.A.T. produces numerous types and models of roller shutters and shutters in aluminium, steel and PVC, shutters, windows, PVC doors, false ceilings and PVC partitions with all the accessories that these elements require.

So.L.A.T. has been the industry leader in the production of PVC windows and doors for many years, supplying numerous retailers throughout Italy. But its borders do not end there, in fact it sells its products all over the world, France, Algeria, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

So.L.A.T. is a company that boasts years of experience in the production of solid, robust, high quality and durable products.

The excellent specialization in the construction of aluminum roller shutters and shutters allows the company to create varied solutions that are able to satisfy the aesthetic tastes and safety needs that any user is looking for.