Steel shutters and rolling shutters

The So.L.A.T. they stand out for their extreme safety and durability.

The main advantage of steel in roller shutters is safety: steel shutters are also suitable for buildings that require particular attention to safety and are extremely durable over time.

At the same time they do not lose in elegance, design and ease of installation, factors that characterize all our shutters.

So.L.A.T, thanks to its 100% Italian production, is able to guarantee the long durability over time and the best workmanship of the products.

The steel roller shutters are made up of “mini” slats and the insertion of polyurethane foam, have guides and boxes and are available in a vast range of colours, from neutral to bright colours, to wood effect.

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Production of Steel Roller Shutters

The production of So.L.A.T roller shutters is characterized by great attention to detail, above all to the use of high quality raw materials which guarantee quality products with proven resistance to the action of atmospheric agents.

Roller shutters are practical and comfortable for all needs and perfect for any environment (schools, homes, hospitals, etc…), they have excellent resistance, guarantee silence, ease of maintenance and thermal capacity.

An innovative product with a high technological concentration is produced by So.L.A.T. in different sizes and numerous colours, adaptable to any type of venue.

So.L.A.T deals with the production of roller shutters in aluminium, PVC, wood and steel.

Why choose Steel Roller Shutters?

There are numerous reasons why it is advisable to choose products such as steel rolling shutters:

  1. the steel roller shutters allow to obtain maximum security from intrusions,
  2. allow their coloring ensuring numerous lines of colors,
  3. the steel shutters are very robust,
  4. adapt to any construction requirement,
  5. the steel shutters guarantee the aesthetic, functional and safety aspect,
  6. steel roller shutters adapt well to any living environment: buildings by the sea, city houses, commercial agglomerations, mountain buildings.

Trust our So.L.A.T. dealers, thanks to their experience and professionalism, they will be able to advise you on the best proposal for roller shutters and the matching accessories.