Shower Box and Tub Box in PVC

So.L.A.T. has created a new and technological system of PVC shower enclosures and PVC tub enclosures.

Thanks to its over ten-year experience in extrusion and the characteristics of PVC, So.L.A.T. has developed an article that is easy to use, resistant over time and simple to lay.

Furthermore, the modern design, the range of colors and the valuable qualitative characteristics make it a product that can be used in any environment and adaptable to any size and size of the bathroom.

The production of PVC bathtub enclosures and shower enclosures by So.L.A.T. makes it possible to adapt the shower enclosures to any need, size and style.

Practical and comfortable, the PVC bathtub enclosures (bath screen) or shower enclosures have a folding opening, ideal for small spaces. Not only that, they are also a solution when the tubs are positioned at an angle between 2 walls or in a niche between 3 walls.

PVC shower enclosures and pvc tub enclosures are perfect for environments such as homes, hospitals, schools, gyms, swimming pools, etc…

PVC is hygienic, economical, durable, recyclable, self-extinguishing, ecological and simple to install, all of which makes it ideal for making PVC shower and tub enclosures.

Production of PVC Shower Enclosures and PVC Bathtub Enclosures

So.L.A.T. specialized in the processing of structures with plastic materials, it produces, in addition to pvc doors and pvc shutters, also pvc shower enclosures and pvc bathtub enclosures.

A leading manufacturer in this sector for years, it has been making custom-made PVC shower enclosures and tub enclosures, adapting the product to the structural requirements of the room in which they will be inserted.

In addition to the dimensions, the type of opening (from the right or from the left) can also be customized.

The shower and tub enclosures are easily adaptable to any style and design of the room. Thanks to the plastic material with which the PVC boxes are made, they guarantee hygiene and total absence of maintenance over time.

Buying directly from the manufacturer of shower enclosures and tub enclosures gives you the guarantee of having a quality product that complies with safety standards.