Swing doors in PVC

The hinged doors in PVC So.L.A.T. are mainly distinguished by their high technological content and their attention to the environment!

Indeed So.L.A.T. creates eco-sustainable products: The PLA-DOOR model and the PLA-DOOR PL model are made with recycled material, with a component ranging from 30% to over 60%.

PVC doors are elegant, stylish and stand out for their extremely easy installation.

Discover panelled doors models:

PVC Panelled doors

The range of technical pvc swing doors by So.L.A.T. includes LE-DOOR, a door with a honeycomb panel covered in plastic laminate, frame, architraves and edges in PVC and PLA-DOOR, a swing door made entirely of profiles in synthetic resin.

PLA-DOOR PL combines the resistance of the PVC panel with the aesthetics of the laminate covering, frame, architraves and PVC edges.

From the natural evolution of the classic frame, a new line called NEW was born, characterized by the rounded shape of the frame, the architrave and the door edge, made in PVC, as well as by the insertion of the rebate gasket.

Furthermore, the continuous market demands have led our company to enrich its range with the creation of a frame for retractable doors, entirely in PVC.

The variants built and the customized production allow to satisfy the different construction site needs in compliance with the regulations in force.

Production of PVC doors

PVC doors are the solution to many needs: perfect for both indoors and outdoors. They are modular, flexible and adaptable to any size, type and style of your place.

The production of PVC doors by So.L.A.T. it has been designed to meet the needs of easy installation, maintenance, dimensional flexibility and use.

PVC doors are perfect both as internal doors for gyms, sports centers, swimming pools, shopping centers, public places and homes, and as external doors for closets, changing rooms or rooms with external doors and meter covers.

So.L.A.T. creates PVC doors to measure and respecting the needs of the factory and the manufacturer. In fact, it produces different types of PVC doors, such as: PVC folding doors, swing doors, swing doors and PVC folding doors.

The customized production is able to satisfy the needs of taste, aesthetics and above all the functionality of the construction.

Buying large quantities of PVC doors directly from the manufacturer means considerable economic savings and a safe and guaranteed product quality.

The type of fixtures produced by So.L.A.T. in the province of Arezzo it is suitable for the construction or renovation of Sports Centres, Spas, Schools, hospitals, Public places and offices, gyms, company buildings, etc…