Wing door profiles (unassembled)

The So.L.A.T srl pvc swing door is also available in the “semi-finished” version, i.e. in unassembled loose profiles.

This system is ideal for those who want to have the door appear “on request”, optimizing times and costs.

The sale is aimed both at various window and door manufacturers (pvc-wood-aluminium) and at door manufacturers who can integrate their range with a door with specific technical characteristics such as resistance to water and fire (Class 1).

The broad and complete range of profiles allows for the creation of any door size (single and double leaf), any type (windowed door, door with fanlight, back and forth) and for any wall thickness starting from 4cm in the case of prefabricated walls up to 50-60cm and beyond; it is also possible to create sliding doors in the flush-to-wall or internal-wall version, using specific profiles of our production.

The door leaf profiles are available in stock in various pastel colors (mass extruded) and in 5 special colors (coated with renolit film).

The series of special colors includes 4 wood finishes (cherry, walnut, bleached oak, cherry) and a satin aluminum finish.

The swing door system offer is complete with locks, accessories, plastic-coated Anuba hinges and resin handles.

List of available swing door profiles

Colors and heights available in stock